Research Fields

Strategic Management, Alliances, Sustainability, Entrepreneurship, Institutional Economics, History of Economics.



Alliance governance choices: Disentangling the effects of uncertainty and alliance experience. Strategic Management Society Conference, San Jose, Costa Rica, December 2017.

Are Environmental Collaborative Strategies Greener Pastures? An Exploration (and Exploration). Strategic Management Society Conference, San Jose, Costa Rica, December 2017.

Work in Progress:

1. Sustainable Collaboration

Abstract: In this article we will extend this new stream in the literature on strategic alliances by identifying the strategic alliance motivations of sustainable alliances.

2. Similarity of Alliance Partners: The Choice for Equity versus Non-Equity Governance Structures

Abstract: This study uses 3700 alliances from the SDC database to determine the impact of alliance partner similarity on the choice for alliances versus joint ventures.


3. Experience with R&D Alliances and the Beneficial Impact on Alliance Efficiency

Abstract: This study uses the combined insights from the strategic management literature and transaction cost economics to study the impact of experience on the efficiency of governance choices. It takes information on R&D alliances from the SDC database.  

 4. Financing the energy transition: The role of public funding, collaboration and private equity