VR Research

I have two ongoing VR research Projects

1. Managerial Search Strategies

In this project I establish in a virtual environment which search strategies managers use to achieve a particular decision outcome.

2. Managerial Cognitive Frames

In this project I establish in a virtual environment how managers respond to sustainability issues by selecting symbolic or substantive actions.

VR Teaching

I developed and teach a portfolio of business and management courses at the MSc level using VR headsets and immersive applications. At present I teach the following courses: 

  1.  Managerial decision-making in VR 
  2.  Innovations in VR and Organisational Change
  3.  XR4UX: VR applied to Product Design
  4.  VR for Project Management

Pedagogical Developments

(involving VR)

I am fascinated by the opportunities offered by 'immersive learning' in Higher Education.

At the individual level I am interested in the relative effectivity of immersive learning vs traditional learning at institutions of Higher Education; and how can this be integrated in a standard curriculum? At present, I have developed a portfolio of courses in both a VR-format and a traditrional format, to compare the outcomes.

At the group level I am interested in the effectivity of group interaction in virtual environments, and how AI-supported avatars can be effective. I have developed a multi-user application for supply change management that offers insights into group effectivity. A project with AI-supported avatars is still at the design stage.

I am also developing a new format of traditional case-based teaching using VR technology, both to visualize as as well as to interact with specific learning goals (The NWNB-Project)